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You can get a hearing aid from Vr Speech And Hearing Clinic. If you have hearing loss, our doctor in Aurangabad may suggest you hearing aid. Buy a hearing aid from Vr Speech And Hearing Clinic in Chhatrapati Sambhajinagar (Aurangabad).

Hearing Aid Clinics Chhatrapati Sambhajinagar (Aurangabad)
Vr Speech And Hearing Clinic in Chhatrapati Sambhajinagar (Aurangabad)is an independent hearing practice, the area of Aurangabad well known for hearing expertise. Our Audiology Centre of excellence is based in a quiet practice where we have soundproof facilities to ensure our measures are carried out to the highest standards. As an independent practice, we are committed to understanding the hearing industry to the highest standard to give unequivocal service and after care. Take your time to explore our website to find out more about our services.

We know that in our expert hands, the right audiological approach can rebuild people’s lives and transform their lifestyles, restoring their hearing and confidence to the best it’s been in years. This is what we strive to do for our patients every day.

Best Audiology Clinics in Chhatrapati Sambhajinagar (Aurangabad)

All our patients have the desire to combat their hearing issues, so that they can improve their quality of life and feel more confident. We fully understand the importance of this, as our sense of hearing enables us to engage in relationships, enjoy activities, make friends, protect memory and create opportunities.

Whether you want cleaner ears, clearer hearing, the ability to hear in noisy environments, invisible hearing solutions or relief from tinnitus, we can help you.

To take the first step, we welcome you to book a free initial consultation with one of our audiologists. This is an informal meeting where you get the opportunity to discuss your individual needs and find out first-hand what Hearing Loss Clinics in Aurangabad has to offer.

The next steps are important, as we need to correctly diagnose your hearing loss/tinnitus and expertly select suitable options from an extensive pool of technology. We pay substantially more attention to detail at every appointment to ensure that your personal needs are met. Long-term patients are always grateful to receive great service and technical attention, just like our new patients, so you can be confident that you’ll always be in safe hands.

Hearing Loss Diagnosis

Tests to diagnose hearing loss may include:

Physical exam

Your doctor will look in your ear for possible causes of your hearing loss, such as earwax or inflammation from an infection. Your doctor will also look for any structural causes of your hearing problems.

General screening tests

Your doctor may use the whisper test, asking you to cover one ear at a time to see how well you hear words spoken at various volumes and how you respond to other sounds. Its accuracy can be limited.

App-based hearing tests

Mobile apps are available that you can use by yourself on your tablet to screen for moderate hearing loss.

Tuning fork tests

Tuning forks are two-pronged, metal instruments that produce sounds when struck. Simple tests with tuning forks can help your doctor detect hearing loss. This evaluation may also reveal where in your ear the damage has occurred.

Audiometer tests

During these more-thorough tests conducted by an audiologist, you wear earphones and hear sounds and words directed to each ear. Each tone is repeated at faint levels to find the quietest sound you can hear.

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