Oticon Hearing Aids: Enhancing Clarity in Hearing
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Oticon Hearing Aid Price in India starts at ₹22,000 and goes up to ₹3,75,000

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Choosing VR Speech and Hearing Clinic as a hearing aids consultant offers several compelling reasons:
  1. Free Hearing Test & Consultation: The clinic provides a thorough and complimentary hearing assessment by experienced specialists, allowing individuals to understand their specific hearing needs without any financial commitment.
  2. Trial for Latest Digital Hearing Aid Technology: Clients can experience cutting-edge advancements in digital hearing aid technology through a free trial. This hands-on experience helps in determining the best-fit solution for their hearing requirements.
  3. Lifetime After-Sales Service at No Cost: The clinic’s commitment to lifelong after-sales service without additional charges ensures ongoing support, maintenance, and adjustments for the purchased hearing aid, ensuring optimal performance over time.
  4. Competitive Pricing for Oticon and Other Brands: They offer competitive pricing on various renowned hearing aid brands, including Oticon, ensuring clients get access to quality products at reasonable prices.
  5. Free Home Visits for Senior Citizens: Recognizing the challenges faced by senior citizens, the clinic provides the convenience of Home visits for those unable to visit the clinic, ensuring accessibility and comfort for elderly individuals.
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Oticon Hearing Aid Price in Maharashtra India

The price range for Oticon hearing aids in India as of 2024 starts at INR 22,000 and extends up to INR 3,75,000. This range reflects the diversity in features and technology among these electronic medical devices. Modern hearing aids boast various advancements, including invisibility, rechargeability, Bluetooth connectivity, on-the-go charging, earbud-like designs, natural sound quality, automated noise cancellation, and augmented experiences. As a result, the pricing structure reflects the varying levels of sophistication and functionalities available across different models.

Oticon Hearing Aid Machine
Oticon hearing aid devices offer advanced technology with a discreet and comfortable fit, providing more natural and clear sound to enhance your hearing experience. With a focus on user satisfaction, Oticon hearing machines are tailored to meet individual needs.

Models available

Real 1 Hearing Aid Machine
Real 2 Hearing Aid Machine
Real 3 Hearing Aid Machine
Oticon Dynamo Hearing Aid Machine
Oticon Siya Hearing Aid Machine
Oticon Xceed Hearing Aid Machine

Oticon Hearing Aid Price List 2023

Real 1 24/64 3,75,000
Real 2 20/48 2,80,000
Real 3 18/48 1,75,000
More 1 24/64 2,50,000
More 3 18/48 1,75,000
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