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Signia Hearing Aid Prices

Product NameChannelsFitting Range Unit Price
Kit Silk C&G 3IX 32 10-80 2,99,990
Kit Silk C&G 5IX 36 10-80 4,12,990
Kit Silk C&G 7IX 48 10-80 6,89,990
Pure C&G 3IX / T 3IX 32 10-110 1,75,990
Pure C&G 3IX / T 5IX 36 10-110 2,39,990
Pure C&G 3IX / T 7IX 48 10-110 3,79,990
Kit Pure C&G 3IX / T 3IX 32 10-110 3,35,990
Kit Pure C&G 3IX / T 5IX 36 10-110 4,63,990
Kit Pure C&G 3IX / T 7IX 48 10-110 7,45,990


What are hearing aids for?

Hearing aids are devices that enhance sound. These electronic hearing machines are designed to help the people dealing with hearing loss. Digital hearing aids share similar electronic components such as a microphone that picks up sound, and amplifier circuitry that makes the sound louder.

What is the Hearing Machine Price in India?

The hearing aid machine price in India in 2025 varies from ₹15,990 to ₹6,64,990 depending upon the brand, model and features you’ve been looking for. You can download our brochure to have a look at the MRP of each brand and product. It will give you an overview of the products with features and their prices. However, we strongly recommend you to schedule an appointment in order to get best price on hearing aids.


What is the Warranty or Guarantee I get on these hearing machines?

Vr Speech And Hearing Clinic, aid clinic offer standard warranty on every single product. The warranty is issued by the brand and it varies from 2 Year to 4 year. Once you select a particular device of any brand, you will recieve a warranty card and a lifetime aftercare support. At Vr Speech And Hearing Clinic, we offer a dedicated account manager for support queries. All your fine tuning and repair requests are handled by the department.

How often should I visit my audiologist for adjustments?

Regular follow-up appointments with your audiologist are essential to ensure that your hearing aids are properly adjusted and meet your changing needs. Your audiologist can make adjustments based on your feedback and conduct periodic evaluations.

Can I connect my Signia hearing aids to other devices?

Many Signia hearing aids are equipped with Bluetooth connectivity, allowing you to connect them to compatible devices such as smartphones, tablets, and TVs. Check the specifications of your specific model for details on connectivity options.

What types of hearing aids does Signia offer?

Signia offers a range of hearing aids, including behind-the-ear (BTE), in-the-ear (ITE), and receiver-in-canal (RIC) styles. Each style has its own advantages, and the best one for you depends on your hearing needs and preferences.

Can we use hearing aid without consulting an audiologist?

While this is possible to get an hearing aid without consulting professionals, but it’s not recommended. There are many reasons why it’s better to consult with an expert audiologist.

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