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Digital Hearing Aid In Jalna

Get The Best Phonak Hearing Aid Price With Vr Speech And Hearing Clinic

Discover unbeatable prices on Phonak hearing aids at VR Speech and Hearing Clinic. With an astounding array of Phonak hearing aids, we serve as your ultimate destination for all your auditory needs. Our commitment to a free home visit service and punctuality assurance enhances the trustworthiness and reliability of our services. As an authorized diamond partner for renowned brands such as Signia, Phonak, Widex, and Resound, Sound Comforts ensures you access the finest Phonak hearing aids in India. Explore the Sound Comforts advantage for the optimal solution to your hearing aid requirements.

Get Best Offers On Phonak Hearing Aid Price In Maharashtra, India

Discover exclusive deals on Phonak hearing aids in India for 2024, with prices ranging from INR 19,000 to INR 3,98,000. The diverse pricing reflects the advanced features and technology incorporated into these electronic medical devices. Experience the latest in hearing aid innovation, including invisible designs, rechargeable options, seamless Bluetooth connectivity, on-the-go charging, and ready-to-wear functionality similar to earbuds. Enjoy natural sound quality, automated noise cancellation, and an augmented hearing experience. Explore the wide range of Phonak hearing aids and find the perfect solution for your needs.

Phonak Virto M 312 ITC

Phonak offers a wide range of products, including traditional behind-the-ear hearing aids, in-the-ear hearing aids, and custom-made hearing aids that are tailored to the individual’s specific needs. The Phonak hearing aids are equipped with advanced technology such as noise reduction, speech enhancement, and wireless connectivity, which allows them to connect to external devices such as smartphones and TVs. Phonak also offers a variety of accessories, such as remote controls and wireless streaming devices, to enhance the user’s experience.

Phonak Hearing Aid Price List

Audeo L30 R to L90 R 60,000/- 3,98,000/-
Audeo L30 RL to L90 RL 77,000/- 4,16,000/-
Audeo P30 RL to P90 RL 71,000/- 3,85,000/-
Naida P30-UP to P90-UP 48,500/- 3,57,000/-
Sky M30-M to M90-M 44,500/- 3,42,000/-
Frequently Asked Questions
What is the digital hearing aid price?

The Price of Digital Hearing Aids varies from ₹20,999 to ₹6,49,999 depending upon the brand, model, and features you’ve been looking for.

You can download our brochure to have a look at the MRP of each brand and product. It will give you an overview of the products with features and their prices. However, we strongly recommend you schedule an appointment in order to get the best price on hearing aids.

What is the Warranty or Guarantee I get on these hearing machines?

We offer a standard warranty on every single product. The warranty is issued by the brand and it varies from 2 Years to 4 years. Once you select a brand, you will receive a warranty card and lifetime aftercare support.

We offer a dedicated account manager for support queries. All your fine-tuning and repair requests are handled by the department.

Where is your Clinic Located?

We are available in all major metro cities of the Maharashtra. You can visit this page to get a list of cities we’re available in.

The best way to find a nearby clinic is to call 9657 588 677 and it will connect you to our nearest clinic.

Why do I need an appointment?

We offer consultation and trials from our devices. Our expert audiologist helps you select a suitable hearing aid during the consultation. It is very important for you to schedule an appointment based on the availability of the audiologist.

During Covid times, we’re trying to schedule appointments in such a way that our clinics get one patient at a time. Your cooperation is required. To schedule, an appointment click here or call us at 9657 588 677.

What are the types of Hearing Aid?

Hearing aids are mainly divided into 6 types based on their size and shape.

BTE or Behind the Ear, RIC or Receiver in Canal, ITE (In the Ear), ITC (In the Canal), CIC (Completely in Canal) & IIC (Invisible in Canal). Their names are self-explanatory based on their shape and size.

What is the authenticity of your products?

We are an established organization working for better hearing since 2018. With a decade old experience and clinics across the country, we have a network of 5 certified audiologists.
We are partners of Signia in Sambhajinagar. Additionally, we are the authorized partners of Phonak, ReSound, GnResound, Starkey & Oticon. We have dispensed over 20,000 hearing aids to 1,25,000+ patients.
Schedule a call with our specialist to know more about us.

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