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Resound hearing aids Price List

ReSound ONE 9 2,64,995 2,74,995
ReSound ONE 7 1,69,995 1,79,995
ReSound ONE 5 99,995 1,09,995
ReSound ONE 4 10,495 69,995
ReSound ENZO Q 9 2,53,995 2,53,995
ReSound ENZO Q 7 1,26,995 1,26,995
ReSound ENZO Q 5 74,995 74,995
ReSound LINX Quattro 9 2,64,995 2,74,995
ReSound LINX Quattro 7 1,69,995 1,79,995
ReSound LINX Quattro 5 99,995 99,995
ReSound Key 4 39,995 51,995
ReSound Key 3 34,995 36,995
ReSound Key 2 27,495 25,995
ReSound Key 1 19,495 18,995

ReSound hearing aids

Your hearing experience should address your unique needs. The ReSound ecosystem of hearing aids, wireless accessories and apps help you to hear and adapt to different environments and situations with outstanding sound quality. With our portfolio of hearing aids we have a solution for everyone.

What are digital hearing aids?

Today, the world is connected through digital communication and smartphones. At home you are entertained with a digital TV, a digital media player or a digital sound system, or a mix of them. You rely on your digital GPS directions when driving. We live in a digital landscape, so shouldn’t a solution for your hearing loss be digital too?

Digital hearing devices for a digital world

There are many types of hearing aids and hearing aid technologies, and, today, there are digital hearing aids to complete your digitally convenient lifestyle. They are smart and interact with other digital devices. Digital hearing aids have life-changing health benefits too, because good hearing health is linked to quality of life. They take the power of sound and your personal hearing experience to new levels, so you can feel empowered to take charge of your hearing loss.

Hearing aids for children
digital 1 digivana

Digital vs analog hearing aids
Hearing aid technologies have changed over the years. Before digital hearing aids came on the scene, hearing aids were based on analog technology alone.

Analog hearing aids’ sound signals are continuous and uniform in flow, so the sophisticated nuances or layers of sound that digital hearing aids have are missing. Adapting to different sound environments with analog hearing aids means simply turning up the volume, which is very uncomfortable. Also, with analog hearing aids, you don’t have the option to reduce background noises – they would also be amplified.

Digital hearing aids have sound signals that vary and are individual, bringing natural-sounding speech and audio enriched with depth and variation. Therefore, you can really play with the sound and volume of digital hearing aids, adjusting the experience to your personalised specifications and all your different settings.

Digital hearing aid benefits

Simply turning up the volume to hear more isn’t effective. This can be overpowering or screechy in certain locations or settings. Thanks to digital technology, with digital hearing aids you can customise your hearing experience to suit your type of hearing loss, which enhances your comfort and feeling of confidence. It’s a similar concept to adjusting the lights in your home; playing with the tone and mood to make the ambience perfect. You can do this with sound, so it sounds just natural and feels completely right.

Also, because digital hearing devices can pair up with other digital devices in various ways – such as smartphones and tablets – you can fully connect with your world, stream calls and entertainment, and discreetly control the sound without touching your ears. No one will know what or who you’re really listening to! And you will be able to forget about your hearing loss.

Style-wise, digital hearing aids are smart and usually small; the perfect package. They are discreet and blend in when you wear them, so you can also call them (almost) invisible hearing aids.

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