High Quality Digital Hearing Aids in Majalgaon
Widex Moment 440 BTE 1

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Get a Free Hearing Aid Trial in the nearest center in Majalgaon.

Hearing aid consultations aim to identify the best device for individual needs. An audiologist will take a patient’s history, examine their ear and canal, perform a Pure Tone Audiometry (PTA) test and provide a trial with recommended hearing aids so customers can assess if they suit their needs. This process helps audiologists ensure each person finds the most suitable hearing aid machine for them.

Receiver in Canal (RIC) Hearing Aids

Receiver-in-canal (RIC) hearing aids offer significant advantages for individuals experiencing mild to moderate hearing loss by effectively amplifying high-frequency sounds. These devices boast a discreet design, featuring a case that sits behind the ear and a nearly invisible receiver in the ear, allowing for easy concealment.

Explore the excellent offers available on RIC hearing aids at Vr Speech And Hearing Clinic nearby. Benefit from unparalleled after-sales services, including complimentary fine-tuning and a lifetime of free servicing.

In-the-ear (ITE) Hearing Aids

Experience discreetness at its best with In-the-ear (ITE) hearing aids, known for their inconspicuous style without any visible wires or tubes. These custom-made devices ensure a perfect fit for a seamless and subtle appearance.

Discover exceptional deals on ITE hearing aid devices and top-notch after-sales service by visiting Vr Speech And Hearing Clinic in your area. Explore unbeatable offers tailored to your needs.

Completely In Canal (CIC) Hearing Aids

Experience the discreet convenience of Completely-in-Canal (CIC) hearing aids. These devices are custom-fit, lightweight, and easily manageable, providing a seamless auditory solution. Placed deep within the ear canal, they maintain an almost invisible profile, utilizing the ear’s natural shape to optimize sound delivery to the device.

Discover the benefits firsthand by scheduling a complimentary hearing aid trial at Vr Speech And Hearing Clinic, conveniently located near you. Avail yourself of the finest offers on Completely-in-Canal (CIC) ear machines, ensuring both functionality and subtlety in your hearing enhancement journey.

Widex Enjoy 440 CIC

Hearing Aid Price in Majalgaon

The Hearing Aid Price in Chandigarh starts with INR 11,990 and goes up to INR 7,99,999. You can prefer Vr Sapeech And Hearing Clinic for the best digital hearing aids as we also offer hearing aid price comparison chart for better services of our customers. The price of hearing aids can vary widely, depending on the features and technology of the device. Some of the latest features on hearing aids include Invisible, Rechargeable, Bluetooth Connectivity, Charging on the go, Ready wear like earbuds, natural sound quality, automated noise cancellation, augmented experience etc. Our latest technology includes ai hearing aids for our customers. We also offer German hearing aids named signia as well as Switzerland hearing aids named Phonak.

Our Customer’s Reviews

Good service and Kindly nature. Fully satisfied


Best hearing Clinic ', happy to review here, my name is rajaram Mangrole, and my age is 83 .. i am using hearing aid since last 1 year ... really happy to say that .. Vr Speech And hearing Clinic is best heting aid clinic .. knowledgeable doctor ans very polite staff . After sales they are calling every month to take feedback Must visit , thnak you


Best hearing aid service I ever get. My age is 82, apart from hearing loss I don’t have any problem , no bp no sugar , and I must say my hearing is absolutely normal, thanks to Kailas who is audiologist there , a brillint Audiologist in Chhatrapati Sambhajinagar thank you


Hello my name is jagganath Solanke, from Majalgaon, We purchase invisible hearing aids for my father from Vr Speech And hearing clinic at Chhatrapati Sambhajinagar. Response from Vr Speech And hearing clinic was very good. Audiologist Kailas sir showed best models according to our need. He is brilliant , no one is like him ,because we are serving hearing aid since 2 years , we visit so many places but our servh ends here ,really My father is very happy with his Stylleto 3x hearing aids. We are happy because finally he can be one among us in all discussions 😊 thank you Vr Speech And hearing clinic and all the staff.,specially thanks to Kailas Sir

Highly recommend ,please go visit and feel the expertise

jagganath Solanke

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