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We at Vr Speech And Hearing Clinic in Ambad passionate about reconnecting people and improving your quality of life through better hearing.

Hearing Aid in Ambad

Patient satisfaction is of the utmost importance to Vr Hearing Aid in Ambad. Our expert hearing professionals understand your specific hearing issues and are ready to provide you with the best solutions. We help you understand your hearing loss better so that you can make an informed decision to improve your hearing.

Our professional staff are well-trained and certified in audiology and hearing aids. Our diagnostic examinations will diagnose the level of hearing loss. We will provide you informative options and make appropriate recommendations for your personal situation. Our expert staff are skilled at customizing the hearing aids to fit your needs. The most advanced fitting methods and equipment are used to make sure you hear with maximum clarity, even in the most difficult listening situations. We offer a 100% Satisfaction Guarantee to make sure you are completely happy with your purchase.

Our relationship continues well beyond the time of your purchase. All your follow-up care is included in the initial purchase and we are dedicated to making certain your hearing aids continue to work as they should. Our experts will provide direction on the proper care and maintenance of your hearing aids long after the initial purchase. Visit us anytime for repair and cleaning of the hearing instruments.

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Hearing is one of the most vital senses and an essential part of one’s life. When seeking hearing care, look for an audiologist with the highest qualifications to ensure that you receive the best hearing treatment possible.

The audiologist you decide should have the requisite university training and a professional degree in audiology. Your audiologist should carefully evaluate your health history and perform comprehensive diagnostic testing to provide you with accurate hearing loss treatment.

You should also look for an audiologist who offers a full line of advanced digital and analog hearing aids at the best hearing aid prices and who can custom fit and tune the instrument to your specific needs.


Hearing Aid Dispensing

Hearing aid dispensing usually begins with a diagnostic assessment to ensure candidacy for amplification. This is followed by a one-to-one session with the client to understand his lifestyle, work and interests to determine his listening needs throughout the day. Based on this the audiologist would be able to make recommendations about the kind of device that would best suit him. The client would also be informed about the features of the classes of aids, costs involved etc. Following this the actual hearing aid trial would be carried out on the client using functional and insertion gain measures. The client is prescribed the hearing aid only when he is completely satisfied with its performance, sometimes after a couple of sessions. Since Hearing Loss Clinic is an independent, private audiology clinic, we have the choice of providing products from different manufacturers to appropriately meet your hearing health needs.

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