Impedance Audiometry Test

Tympanometry, also known as impedance audiometry, serves as a primary method for evaluating the middle ear’s condition and the eardrum’s mobility. It’s highly regarded as an accurate assessment for testing middle ear functionality.

Impedance Audiometry Test: Procedure and Cost

The impedance audiometry test involves a procedure where the patient is asked to remain still and avoid swallowing, as these actions could potentially affect the accuracy of the test results. This painless examination typically lasts for about 15 to 20 minutes, during which an audiologist meticulously inspects the ear canal using an otoscope.

During the test, a soft-tipped probe is gently inserted into the ear canal to establish an airtight seal. A tone is then introduced into the ear canal, causing variations in air pressure ranging from +200 to -400 decapascals. The patient may feel the pressure changes during this process. The immittance audiometry machine generates a graphical representation, illustrating the results of the test.

This diagnostic method can identify various issues such as the presence of fluid in the ear, diminished mobility in the middle ear, and dysfunction of the eustachian tube. The graphical plot produced by the immittance audiometry machine aids in diagnosing these pathologies.

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