Hearing loss & heredity

Genetic factors make some people more susceptible to hearing loss than others. Their genes make them more predisposed to hearing loss due to ageing or induced by noise, drugs or infections. It is estimated that the causes of age-related hearing loss are 35-55% heredity.

When is hearing loss genetic?

When a child is born with hearing loss or develops hearing loss early in childhood, over 50% of the time the cause is genetic and due to a genetic change, or mutation. The majority of children with genetic hearing loss do not have any other birth defects or major health concerns associated with their hearing loss. However, some forms of genetic hearing loss can be associated with a genetic syndrome with other health concerns that could include heart defects, vision loss, or developmental delays.

Hearing loss which is related to genetics can be present from birth, which is referred to as congenital hearing loss, or there can be a delayed onset where a hearing loss develops over time, often many years. A genetic diagnosis can help providers better understand child’s hearing loss and provide the most appropriate care. Genetic information can help your child’s providers predict if other health problems could develop or if their hearing loss could change over time.

How does genetic testing work?

Genetic testing for hearing loss is a medical test that looks for genetic changes (mutations) in a person’s genetic material, also known as DNA. Testing is most commonly done on a small blood sample (2-3 teaspoons). This sample is sent to a diagnostic laboratory that looks for changes in genes that are most commonly associated with hearing loss. It may take 3-5 weeks to get genetic testing results.

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Treatments for genetic hearing loss

Any child that is born with a genetic hearing disorder or suffers from Hearing loss & heredity should receive support and assistance as soon as possible. It is recommended that children begin to receive treatment before they reach six months old as this will assist the child in developing communication skills that are comparable with their peers.

There are numerous treatments available and a parent will need to focus on what is right for their child and for the family as a whole. Budgetary constraints may have an impact on some treatments but by speaking to medical practitioners and support groups, parents will be able to find the widest range of options available.

With children as young as four weeks old being able to benefit from the use of a hearing aid, this is one treatment that should be considered in treating genetic hearing loss. The use of a hearing device is ideal in amplifying sound; helping children to hear communications and this can play a vital role in developing their language skills. This style of assistance is not suitable for children that are suffering from hearing loss that is listed as severe to profound level but for many other youngsters, a behind the ear hearing aid is a safe and reliable option. Many parents will also decide to learn and develop sign language skills in their family but this is a choice for individuals and families to make.

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