Top Hearing Care Clinics in Near By Pushpa Nagari, Aurangabad

We, at Vr Speech & Hearing Care Clinics in Chh. Sambhajinagar manages hearing loss for people from all fields and backgrounds.

Hearing Care Clinics in Chh. Sambhajinagar
Vr Speech & Hearing Care Clinics in Chh. Sambhajinagar started in the year 2013 is the leading ear specialty clinic and hearing aids solution in the India. We, at Hearing Care Clinic manages hearing loss for people from all fields and backgrounds. We offer our services to all, be it a top industrialist or a school going child and everyone in between.

We are equipped with the best certified professionals who are compassionate about providing the excellent services to the patients. We also have the best patient care counselors who counsels every patient. With the help of our well-trained professionals, the best organisational practices and better cooperation between the teams we are able to gather customers trust.

We adhere to the hearing aids latest technology and provide our patients with best and suited product to make their lives easy and comfortable. At Vr Speech & Hearing Aid Clinic, we have the best equipment’s for the hearing health screening. We have complete transparency in the disclosing the results of the screening to the patients and providing them with the best possible solution and assistance required. We make sure timely check of the equipment for quality to provide accurate results to the patients.

Hearing Aid Clinics in Chh. Sambhajinagar
At Chh. Sambhajinagar Hearing Aids Center, we ensure that the people of Gurgaon have access to professional, independent and affordable hearing care treatment. Being proudly independent, we always identify the best treatments for our clients from the full range of available solutions – including hearing testing, rehabilitation, counseling and hearing aids from leading manufacturer (Siemens).

IIC (Invisible in Canal), CIC (Completely in Canal), BTE (Behind the Ear), ITE (In the Ear), RIC (Receiver in Canal), ITC (In the Canal) and latest Digital Hearing Aids are some of the types of hearing aids that you can chose from with us at Chh. Sambhajinagar Hearing Aids Center.

Free consultation with a hearing aid expert
Unbiased, expert advice on hearing loss and hearing aids
Top-rated hearing aids from the leading manufacturer Siemens
200+ Partner Providers across India
More than 90% hearing success rate
How can hearing loss be treated?
Hearing loss treatment depend upon the type of hearing loss and causes to it. Some of the treatments are:

Removing Wax Blockage: It is a reversible cause of hearing loss. The doctor removes excess wax using an instrument called curet or by suction. And also, by loosening the earwax with oil and flushing the softened wax out.

Surgical Procedures: Some of the types of hearing loss may be treated with a surgery, Such as repeated ear infections, Abnormality in ear drum or bone.

Hearing Aids: If the hearing loss Is due to the damage to the inner ear and cannot be treated by surgery then your doctor will advise you to use hearing aids.

Cochlear Implant: If the hearing loss is severe and hearing aid does not provide you with much relief then the doctor will suggest you a cochlear implant. Cochlear implant directly stimulates the hearing nerve bypassing the damaged or non-working parts of inner ear. An audiologist and ENT doctor will explain the risks and benefits of cochlear implantation.

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