Signia Pure C&Go 5Ax Review in india

 The Signia Pure Charge&Go 5Ax Hearing Aid is a high-tech hearing device with advanced features to enhance your hearing experience. With its Spatial Speech Focus™, the hearing aid is able to focus on speech even in noisy environments. The 3D Classifier technology helps to distinguish between different sound sources and the Direct Streaming feature allows for direct connection to your smartphone or other devices.

Signia Pure C&Go 5Ax india

The Telecare 3.0 feature provides remote support and updates to the hearing aids, while the IP68 rating ensures that the hearing aids are water-resistant and durable. The eWindScreen Binaural helps to reduce wind noise while the Speech and Noise Management feature improves speech intelligibility in noisy environments.

The OVP™ (Own Voice Processing) technology helps to reduce the feeling of occlusion or plugged ears, and the UltraHD e2e feature provides high-quality sound transmission from one ear to the other. The Narrow Directionality helps to focus on sounds in front of you, while the Feedback Cancellation technology helps to reduce whistling.

The Tinnitus Noiser feature provides relief from tinnitus and the HD Spatial feature provides a natural and spacious sound experience. The Extended Dynamic Range and HD Music features allow for a better listening experience for music. The eWindscreen™ technology provides protection from wind noise, making it ideal for outdoor activities.

This rechargeable hearing aid is designed to fit in both ears and comes with 48 channels and a 4-year warranty. You can purchase the Signia Pure Charge&Go 5Ax Hearing Aid at the nearest VR Speech and Hearing Clinic branch. The price of the hearing aid is 4,41,990, but is negotiable, so feel free to call 7888 181 181 for more information.

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