Pure Charge&Go 7Ax Hearing Aid Review in India

 The Pure Charge&Go 7Ax Hearing Aid is a premium hearing device that offers a range of features designed to enhance the hearing experience. With OVP™ technology, the user’s own voice is processed in a more natural way, allowing for clearer speech. The UltraHD e2e technology ensures that sound quality is of the highest level and narrow directionality improves focus on speech in noisy environments.

Pure Charge&Go 7Ax Hearing Aid Review in India

The Spatial Speech Focus™ and 3D Classifier features allow for a more personalized sound experience and Direct Streaming allows for easy connectivity with other devices. The HD Spatial and Extended Dynamic Range features help to provide a clearer and more accurate sound experience.

EchoShield and HD Music features are designed to enhance the music listening experience and the eWindscreen™ and eWindScreen Binaural features improve wind noise reduction. The Speech and Noise Management, Feedback Cancellation and Tinnitus Noiser features work together to provide a more comfortable listening experience.

The Telecare 3.0 feature allows for remote support and adjustments from a hearing professional and the IP68 rating ensures the device is waterproof and dustproof. With 48 channels, the device provides a high level of customization and the 4 year warranty provides peace of mind for the user.

The Pure Charge&Go 7Ax Hearing Aid is available for purchase at a nearby VR Speech and Hearing Clinic branch and the price is negotiable. For more information and to schedule a consultation, call 7888 181 181.

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