A new era has arrived for hearing aids!



I’m at a point in my career to see something that is transformational!  I have now witnessed in my career a new technology breakthrough that I am excited about!  This new technology development is the first made for iPhone hearing aid!  This hearing aid, the Resound LiNX, is the first of its kind.

Why is this cool?  Why are audiologists excited about this?  Not only is this hearing aid sophisticated with excellent sound quality and features to  help our hearing impaired patients hear better, it brings awareness about hearing loss into public view.  It is this new hearing aid that has driven media attention including an article from CNN.  It is the hope of all audiologists that these articles and these new hearing aids will begin to erase the stigma of not only hearing loss but also hearing aids.

Living with a hearing loss is difficult.  Hearing loss can cause depression, anxiety, isolation, and frustration.  It can put a strain on relationships, affect work, and education.  The solution for hearing loss and minimizing the detrimental affects are hearing aids.  The approximate 68 year history of hearing aids is young.  Hearing aids have come a long way from eye glass hearing aids and body worn aids.  Hearing aids are now small and do an excellent job in most situations.  Previously, hearing aids were still lacking when speaking on the telephone or hearing in background noise.  Extra gadgets were needed and the stigma of hearing aids were still there.

LiNX allow grandparents to FaceTime with grandchildren, listen to music wirelessly, and speak on the telephone hands free

linx hearing aids

In an age where phones can do many things, it is great to know that now phones can help assist my hearing impaired listeners to communicate more easily and effectively.

Know that these Resound LiNX hearing aids are changing the way individuals look at hearing loss and hearing aids. If your parent or grandparent has hearing loss, know they will  be able to hear when you FaceTime with them.  Know they will be able to hear you when  you tell them you are engaged, received a job promotion, or had a new baby!

I, as an audiologist, don’t want your loved ones with hearing loss missing out on those great life moments, and I know neither do you!

Welcome to a new era–an era where hearing aids now are cool!

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