Types of hearing protection devices

Hearing loss is a condition that affects your ability to hear noises normally. It can be caused by many different actions, but it is usually permanent. Hearing loss can affect your ability to communicate with others and understand what people are talking or saying to you. It is important to take precautions before the damage done.


Earplugs are small hearing protection that can be made exactly to fit your ear, specifically. There are so many mass-produced options available in the market if you want disposable protectors. These disposable earplugs are generally made out of foam, and they are made for temporary purposes and to be discarded after use. There are other earplugs which are made out of rubber and silicone, meaning that you can use them regularly and there custom fit earplugs if you need them time to time.


Earmuffs are much more long going when compared to earplugs and they are easier & comfortable to put on as well. They are basically like headphones with two ear cups that are attached to a central clamping headband. To provide additional comfort cushions are added and the cushions also act as noise cancellation.

Tips to choose the right hearing aid

Every problem is different from other. It’s important to know that there isn’t the one hearing protector that is helpful in all conditions. You should consider a lot of factors into account when trying to choose the right one for you and make sure your ears get enough protection.

Reduction of Noise

A large number of people are exposed to dangerous level of decibels every day at work. Hearing protection helps protecting your ears from this hazardous sound. Anything less than 22 Db is considered as the safest noise and hearing protection device reduces any amount of sound waves to safe level.

Workplace Environment

The most common cause for hearing problem is unhealthy work environment, The kind of environment you have also has a major impact on the hearing protection that you use. For example, if you are working in a manufacturing point where generally the Db of volume is above 100 earplugs help you eliminate such damaging sound and protect your hearing.


Source – hnrspeechandhearing.com

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