Signia Pure 1px RIC Ear machine

The Signia Pure 1px RIC Ear machine is a programmable hearing aid device designed to help people with hearing loss. It features advanced technology and various key features to enhance the user’s listening experience.

Signia Pure 1px RIC

The Acclimatization Manager helps the user gradually adjust to the hearing aid’s amplification settings over time, reducing the discomfort that can occur with sudden changes in sound amplification.

Auto Directional technology allows the device to automatically focus on the sounds that the wearer wants to hear while reducing background noise, making it easier to follow conversations in noisy environments.

Data Logging keeps track of the wearer’s preferences and usage patterns to provide personalized adjustments and ensure optimal performance.

Feedback Cancellation technology prevents whistling and other unwanted feedback sounds.

Frequency Compression technology amplifies high-frequency sounds that are difficult to hear for people with hearing loss.

Noise Management technology helps reduce background noise and enhance speech clarity.

Wind Noise Reduction technology reduces the impact of wind noise, providing a more comfortable listening experience.

The Signia Pure 1px RIC Ear machine has 16 channels, meaning that it can adjust the sound at different frequencies for a more precise listening experience.

It uses a size 312 battery and has four different gain/op settings (45/108, 60/119, 70/124, 75/130), providing the user with a range of amplification options.

The fitting range is S:10-85 / M:10-95 / P:15-110 / HP:20-115, ensuring that it can accommodate a wide range of ear sizes and shapes.

Additional features of the Signia Pure 1px RIC Ear machine include an IP67 rating for dust and water resistance, e2e wireless communication between hearing aids, Learning technology that adjusts to the user’s preferences, Speech Master for enhancing speech clarity, and Speech Management to focus on the user’s preferred speech sources.

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