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Signia hearing aids stand out as a leading choice globally. Initially developed by Siemens and continuing under WS Audiology post-merger, Signia joins the ranks of respected brands like Widex and Miracle Ear.

Renowned for its versatility, Signia caters to diverse needs in the hearing-impaired community. These innovative aids come in various shapes and sizes, employing state-of-the-art technology to craft a personalized auditory solution. Experience tailor-made assistance with Signia’s cutting-edge features!

Signia has a rich legacy marked by pioneering advancements in hearing aid technology. Renowned for its innovative research, the company boasts several groundbreaking achievements. These include introducing the inaugural analog technology-driven hearing aid, pioneering digital hearing aids equipped with sophisticated operating systems and software, developing the tiniest telecoil hearing aid, creating the world’s smallest body-worn transmitter, and various other remarkable milestones. Signia is equally esteemed for its enduring commitment to human-centric audiology and unwavering dedication to quality.

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Signia’s newest hearing aids, designed for both iPhone and compatible Android smartphones, elevate the Bluetooth audio streaming experience for individuals with hearing loss. Additionally, older Signia products can access Bluetooth connectivity through specially designed accessories, enabling audio streaming from Android devices and a wide range of other Bluetooth-enabled gadgets.

Rechargeable Hearing Aids

Signia’s cutting-edge hearing aids boast an impressive battery life, capable of lasting up to 3-4 days before requiring a recharge. This extended duration allows ample time for users to acclimate and fully experience the myriad benefits offered by these rechargeable devices. The portable charging case accompanying models like Active X, Charge&Go AX, and Styletto X is ideal for individuals on the move, ensuring convenience for travelers and those with active lifestyles.

Hearing Loss

Hearing Aid Models

Signia offers a comprehensive range of solutions designed to enhance your hearing experience.

From addressing mild to profound hearing loss, Signia’s portfolio encompasses a spectrum of products equipped with innovative technology, ensuring lifelike sound quality and enhanced clarity for both music and speech.

Whether you’re a newcomer to hearing aids or a long-time user, Signia provides a diverse array of styles and features tailored to meet your specific needs. The discreet in-the-ear (ITE) designs prioritize subtlety, while behind-the-ear (BTE) models rest comfortably over the ear. Additionally, receiver-in-the-canal (RIC) devices, positioned just inside the outer ear canal, offer natural sound quality and unparalleled convenience for users seeking optimal performance.

The Augmented Xperience (AX) platform represents a groundbreaking audio technology integrated into numerous Signia hearing aids, such as the Pure Charge & Go model. Powered by an advanced Digital Signal Processor, Pure Charge & Go AX delivers an immersive, spatial soundscape that incorporates specialized voice processing for a remarkably natural speech rendition.

This cutting-edge technology facilitates a genuine and personalized auditory encounter, allowing users to concentrate on their priorities effortlessly. By autonomously identifying diverse environments, it dynamically adjusts the hearing aid settings, optimizing hearing experiences and ensuring ease of listening in various situations.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs):

What is the average cost of Signia hearing aids in india?

the cost of Signia hearing aids in India can vary widely depending on several factors such as the model, features, technology, and where you purchase them. Typically, Signia hearing aids can range from around ₹15990 to ₹3,00,000 or more per unit.

Entry-level models are lower, while advanced models with Bluetooth connectivity and customizations are more expensive. Consulting an audiologist is advised for a personalized recommendation and estimate. Insurance coverage and financial assistance programs can also impact the cost of ear machines.

Which country made Signia hearing aid?

Signia is a brand of hearing aids that originated in Germany. It was previously known as Siemens Hearing Instruments before rebranding as Signia.

Can I sleep with hearing aids?

Yes, it’s generally recommended to remove your hearing aids before sleeping. Wearing them while sleeping can cause discomfort or even damage to the hearing aids or your ears. Plus, it’s a good idea to give your ears a break during the night. If you’re concerned about not hearing important sounds or alarms while sleeping, consider using alternate means of alert, such as a vibrating alarm clock or other devices designed for individuals with hearing loss. Always follow the advice of your audiologist or healthcare professional regarding the use and care of your hearing aids.

Can I pair my Signia hearing aids to my TV?​

Yes, many modern hearing aids, including Signia models, can be paired with TVs or other devices using Bluetooth or dedicated accessories. Signia offers accessories like the StreamLine TV that can stream audio from your TV directly to your hearing aids. This helps improve your listening experience by transmitting sound wirelessly without disturbing others.

To set this up, you’ll typically need to pair the accessory (like StreamLine TV) with your hearing aids following the manufacturer’s instructions. Once paired, you can enjoy clearer audio directly through your hearing aids while watching TV. If you have specific Signia hearing aids or accessories, it’s best to refer to the user manual or contact your hearing care professional for guidance on how to pair them with your TV.

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