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What are rechargeable hearing aids?

Today’s rechargeable digital hearing aids are much more technologically advanced than they used to be. With simple and reliable charging, rechargeable hearing aids allow you to carry on with your active life without worrying about your hearing aids running out of power. While many hearing aids come with disposable batteries, hearing aids without batteries – …

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What are Bluetooth hearing aids?

Digital hearing aids with Bluetooth connectivity for streaming. Bulky analog hearing devices are a thing of the past. The latest hearing aids are discreet, smart, wireless and come with great Bluetooth capabilities. They enable you to connect with your compatible Apple® or AndroidTM devices and other wireless accessories. Discover what’s new in Bluetooth hearing aids …

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Signia Cellion Primax

VR HEARING AID  9657 588 677 About  Signia’s Cellion Primax is the first ever hearing aid with lithium-ion inductive-charging. This means charging is quick and easy. Just lay your hearing aids in the charger and you’ll get 24-hours of use with one 4-hour charge, plus unlimited streaming. In a rush? A 30-minute ‘fast charge’ will …

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ऐकू कमी येणाऱ्यांसाठी कानाचे मशीन Ear hearing machine

ऐकू कमी येणाऱ्यांसाठी कानाचे मशीन जर तुमच्या घरात कींवा आजूबाजूला वयस्कर व्यक्तीला ऐकू कमी 👂 येण्याची समस्या असेल व त्यामुळे त्यांचा स्वभाव अबोल 😷 कींवा चीडचीडा 😠 झालाय … तर अशा वयस्कर आजी – बाबां साठी  `व्हिआर हेअरिंग` च्यावतीने ऐकू कमी येणाऱ्या व्यक्तींसाठी खास कमी दरात कानाचे मशीन उपलब्ध करून दीले जात आहेत तेही 50 वर्षापासून हीअरींग सोल्यूशन वर काम करणार्या कंपनीचे …

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