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HEARING AID MODELHearing Aid TypeFitting RangeMAX. PRICE
Widex Magnify 30 RIC | CIC | ITEC | BTE 0-90 25500
Widex Magnify 50 RIC | CIC | ITEC | BTE 0-110 35500 - 82990
WIDEX MAGNIFY 60 RIC | CIC | ITEC | BTE | RECHARGEBLE 0-115 40500 - 42500

Widex is High Quality Hearing Aids Brand in the World

Widex hearing aids are known to deliver the brightest, highest quality sound and emphasize what the wearer wants to hear rather than just amplifying all sounds. Background noise is one of the most common complaints from those who wear hearing aids. Widex hearing aids distinguish between conversations, outdoor blockers like wind and other background noise.

As one of the largest Widex hearing aid retailer in the India, Widex is known for a level of digital technology superior to many other brands on the market. Widex hearing aids let you listen comfortably during conversations anywhere, even in restaurants, at the gym, or in busy airports where listening and responding may be exceptionally difficult. Many Widex hearing aids in India are even water resistant, which means they continually perform well even when exposed to rain, perspiration and humidity. Choose Widex if you want to enjoy a technology-packed hearing aid that also has long battery life. Widex is perfect for people on-the-go who want trouble-free hearing aids.

Widex is Popular Digital Hearing aid Manufacturer

Known for its superior hearing aid technology, Widex merged with Sivantos, another popular hearing aid manufacturer, in March 2019 to form WS audiology. WS audiology is the world’s third-largest hearing aid company. The company’s primary focus, for years, has been on the best possible performance in a noisy environment and superior sound quality.

MOMENT, the latest hearing aid offered from Widex, was released in March 2020 and had some of the most exciting features ever!

MOMENT hearing aids have features such as PureSound technologies and ultrafast ZeroDelay to deliver ‘the most natural, pure sound ever.’ MOMENT also uses machine learning to help users personalize and optimize the sound settings in different environments and adjust accordingly.

Widex offers a wide range of Rechargable Hearing Aids

When we talk about rechargeable hearing aids, MOMENT mRIC cannot be left out of the question because it is the smallest rechargeable lithium-ion RIC one can find in the market. Widex used to work with ZPower to supply battery solutions in the past, but with lithium-ion solutions becoming the de facto solution, the company started developing lithium-ion solutions. The lithium-ion solution helps provide improved moisture protection as well. Widex also offers a variety of Bluetooth hearing aids.

Key Features of Widex Hearing Aids

SoundSense Learn: This is a proprietary feature of Widex, and it helps users optimize their sound settings in a number of the listening environment. It also helps kin increasing sound quality and listening comfort.
Zen Fractal Technology:This feature is available in all Widex hearing aid models. It offers many sound therapy solutions for users as well as for hearing care providers. Many consider Widex to be a pioneer in tinnitus relief because of this technology.
SoundClass Technology:Widex hearing aids are appreciated because it looks at minor details while ensuring superior sound quality. SoundClass Technology helps in reacting to different listening environments with the help of Fluid Sound Analyzer technology. So, there is no dependency on various additional dedicated programs to help you with such capabilities. It helps in enhancing comfort and clarity in every environment, especially a noisy one!

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