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As a hearing aid manufacturer under the Sonova group, this hearing aid brand just never holds back when it comes to providing maximum satisfaction amongst her community of hearing aid users at an affordable price.

Their newest platform, the Vivante onboard a new processor that takes you along every conversation with profound speech clarity and understanding in every environment, no matter how loud and noisy it gets. Now you can hear with less effort trying to hear and understand speech sounds.

Hear everything with Unitron

unitron hearing aids

New Unitron hearing aids

Unitron Stride Vivante PR

Unitron Stride Vivante PR newb

Built in just a rechargeable option, the Stride Vivante is the only behind-the-ear Unitron hearing aids on the Vivante platform. The Vivante technology in this hearing aid makes you understand speech in every listening situation, from nosy bars to busy streets and Loud car rides using the Hyper Focus feature. This technology automatically detects the point where the speech sound is coming from and amplifies it; focusing solely on that speaker.

Available in just a gray colour option, these hearing aids have 5 technology levels ranging from premium to basic all having this awesome hyperfocus technology.

Unitron Stride Blu UP

Explore Stride B UP hearing aids

The Stride Blu is an extension of the Blu platform. Made to rest behind the ear with a plastic hook holding the device to the ear, these Unitron hearing aids are suitable for you if you have dexterity issues.

Powered by the Sonova PRISM chip and the Integra OS sound processor, these Unitron hearing aids give a personalised and natural listening experience like never before. The Integra OS observes your listening environment and optimises your hearing to adapt to your surroundings. Now you can follow conversations in every environment without feeling overwhelmed by the noise.

Enjoy hands-free calls and music streaming by pairing your Unitron hearing aids directly to your iOS or Android Bluetooth devices.

Unitron Moxi V R hearing aids and charger.1

Charge at night and hear all day with Unitron Rechargeable hearing aids

Experience days-long auditory bliss with Unitron rechargeable hearing aids. These rechargeable solutions solve the problem of your Unitron hearing aids dying out of the blue and the need for constant battery replacement.

With Unitron rechargeable hearing aids, all you’d ever get to do is charge at night, hear all day, and repeat.

Stay connected with Unitron Bluetooth hearing aids

Connect with the world around you with Unitron Bluetooth hearing aids. Most Unitron hearing aids are iOS and Android-compatible and give up a full day of listening time with Bluetooth streaming.

Now you can always stay connected with your world by pairing your Unitron hearing aids to your favourite devices and take calls, listen to music, watch TV, and stream audio directly to your hearing aids.

Stay connected with Unitron Bluetooth hearing aids

Thank you for showing kindness to children with hearing loss in developing countries by choosing Vr Speech And Hearing Clinic.

Unitron hearing aid accessories

Unitron hearing aid accessories

The partner mic when paired with your Unitron hearing aids helps amplify speech sounds in noisy environments. Either worn as a lapel mic by a speaker or placed on a table in group conversations, these Unitron hearing aid accessories will provide optimum speech clarity and understanding in any environment.

Unitron also has other hearing aid accessories like the Remote control, which helps you adjust the volume of your hearing aids to your convenience.

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