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Best Phonak Hearing Aid Brand In India

Phonak Hearing Aid dealer in Chhatrapati Sambhajinagar (Aurangabad): Company has been producing digital hearing aid and wireless technology since sixty years. It is brand of Sonova group based in Switzerland. Phonak Hearing Aid Company sets a benchmark in wireless hearing aid, children hearing aid solution and wireless accessories.

Phonak hearing aids, they invest heavily in analysis and development thus their hearing aid technology is amongst the most effective out there. This in conjunction with their notable build quality and wonderful client services suggests that we have a tendency offer Phonak we simply understand the results are attending to be smart. Speak to the many customers a year we have a tendency to offer Phonak to, they’ll make sure it!

Phonak Terra+ and Terra provide hearing performance and automatic programs for exceptional value. Featuring universal connectivity, the hearing devices connect to smartphones with own voice pick-up via the hearing aid microphone. Both have T-coil.

  • Quality sound
  • Universal connectivity
  • Pairs with myPhonak app*

Features and performance levels


A hearing solution for all
Hearing health is essential for everyone. We know that engaging fully with everything that life has to offer means enjoying a greater state of well-being. That’s why we’ve designed the Terra+ and Terra product range. At Phonak we wish to ensure that no-one is left behind on their journey to hearing health. We aim to create a world where “Life is On” for everyone.

Seamless wireless integration
Terra+ and Terra hearing aids feature universal connectivity. The devices connect to a multitude of Bluetooth® enabled devices, such as smartphones, tablets, laptops and more. It’s easy to connect to the world around you!

Personalize your hearing experience with the myPhonak app.* It allows you to take control of your hearing with remote control functionality for your hearing aids. Plus, connect with your hearing care provider for virtual adjustments using Remote Support.


Phonak Hearing Aid Feature Advantage Benefits:

The Belong vary of hearing aids offers up to twenty Channels, looking on that model you select. every channel processes a variety of frequencies.
For people who suffer from symptom, a number of these models supply the new symptom Balance Sound Generator. This helps to alleviate the annoying symptoms by masking the sound.
Two a lot of of Phonak’s newest options ar adaptation Manager and Speech in Wind. These observe totally different aspects of your surroundings and alter mechanically.
There are a variety of options designed to stay out any noises or sounds that you simply don’t need to listen to that the ones you are doing are a lot of clearer. These embrace Whistle block, Echo block, Wind block, and Noise block. there’s additionally Ultra zoom, Stereo zoom, and Auto zoom that facilitate to reinforce the noise canceling and speech improvement.
Wireless – Keeping with today’s demand for wireless property, most Phonak hearing aids are compatible with their vary of wireless accessories. These permit you to attach to numerous everyday devices like televisions or mobile phones. inside this vary is that the DECT II, Com Pilot, TV Link, Remote Mice, and Pilot One.
For more information about Phonak Hearing aid prices visit our center Vr Hearing and Speech Clinic.

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