kailas Rathod


Kailas Rathod – Audiologist & Speech Therapist

Digital Hearing Aid Expert | Centre Head In Chh, Sambhajinagar



  • Measurement of hearing sensitivity of patients of all ages using pure tone Audiometry, Immittance Audiometry, Behavioral Observation Audiometry, Visual Reinforcement Audiometry, Neonatal Screening ( Objective, Informal, Subjective) , Otoacoustic Emissions, Immittance Audiometry, Brainstem Evoked Response Audiometry.
  • Differential Diagnosis of Hearing Disorders like conductive, sensorineural, mixed, retrocohlear, central auditory dysfunction etc.
  • Administration and interpretation of detailed audiological diagnostics procedure such as TDT, SISI, STAT, ABLB, REFLEX DECAY, Eustanchian tube evaluation, test for pseudohypacusis and central auditory dysfunction.
  • Measurement of electro acoustics characteristics of hearing aid.
  • Hearing aid selection and fitting (Subjective and Objective) includes Body level , Behind the Ear ( BTE), In the Ear( ITE), In the Canal ( ITC), Completely in the Canal( CIC) .
  • Infant screening programs for early identification and intervention of hearing loss in high risk infants.
  • Counseling regarding prevention and management of auditory impairments.
  • Providing auditory training to the hearing Impaired children.
  • Candidacy of Cochlear Implant and Post Implant Management.


    • Assessment and Treatment of speech and language characteristics in children with MR,CP, Autism, Hearing Impairment, Multiple handicap, Cleft lip & Palate..
    • Assessment and Treatment in Voice, Fluency, Phonological, Swallowing disorders, Development and Acquired Dysarthria, Specific Language Impairment, Acquired Aphasia.
    • Administration of different test in following disorders:-

    Language – REELS, 3D-LAT,MECD,GSHH , BLST, LPT.

    • Articulation- PAT.
    • Aphasia- WAB.
    • Dysarthria- FDA.
    • Dyslexia- Borders test for reading and writing,.



    • Management of various Speech, Language & Voice disorders like
    • Delayed /Deficient Speech & Language
    • Fluency Disorders.
    • Voice Disorders.
    • Dysphagia( Swallowing Problem).
    • Various syndromes.
    • Cleft lip& Palate.
    • Phonological Disorder.
    • Auditory Verbal Therapy.
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