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Vr Speech And Hearing Clinic in shrirampur continues to focus on providing value through personal service, via highly professional, qualified staff and by offering the latest hearing aid systems

Hearing Aid Centre in shrirampur

Vr Speech And Hearing Clinic in shrirampur personal hearing aid fitting will take approximately one hour, during which time we will attentively set the digital hearing aids with the aid of a computer to match your individual hearing and lifestyle requirements.

Hearing Care Clinic in shrirampur Ahmednagar

Vr Speech And Hearing Clinic in shrirampur Ahmednagar is an advanced ENT Care Center and we work with passion to provide quality services and care to our patients. Our range of programs and services are all designed to meet the needs of the patients, families, and communities we serve. Our dedicated ENT Surgeon, Nurses, Support Staff, and Volunteers continuously work for the betterment of health of everyone we treat, and to fulfill our mission of providing professional excellence with personal concern. Ear, Nose and Throat Surgery is a specialty where a broad range of diseases are encountered in patients of all ages: from a baby with a threatened airway, to an elderly man with extensive throat cancer.

The skills needed to treat our patients are also diverse, ranging from microsurgery to treat middle and inner ear conditions to major surgery of the head and neck. Rhinoplasty, Ear Tube Insertion, Coblation Adenoidectomy and Tonsillectomy, Endoscopic Sinus Surgery to name a few of our Surgical Procedures. Ear, Nose and Throat Surgery using the most advanced Surgical Instruments.

Hearing Test

Audiology evaluations consist of a series of tests used to determine whether a hearing loss exists and, if so, measure its type, degree and configuration.

An audiologist will assess the results of each individual test in order to develop a treatment plan geared toward your unique hearing loss.


To Whom Should Be Given the Hearing Evaluation?

An audiologic (or hearing) evaluation can benefit patients of all ages, even those who do not exhibit signs of hearing loss.

Hearing loss is a progressive condition that often develops slowly. Many people are not aware of a change in their hearing because they gradually adapt to the subtle changes in their hearing ability over time. Studies indicate that it takes seven years, on average, for a hearing impaired individual to seek treatment.

An audiologic evaluation should be the first course of action for anybody who suspects a hearing loss. The sooner a diagnosis of hearing loss is made, the more successful treatment will be. Early detection means more options for the patient.

Many physicians urge making audiology evaluations a routine part of your overall health care, much like regular vision exams and dental checkups. They are quick, painless and provide immediate results.

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