How can we Prevent Sudden Hearing Loss Problem?

Depending on the cause of your sudden hearing loss, which can be difficult for practitioners to pinpoint, the effects of the condition may be temporary or permanent. But hearing loss due to exposure to loud noises is completely avoidable. The number one way to prevent sudden hearing loss is to live a healthy lifestyle.

Simple Ways to Prevent Hearing Loss
Wear earplugs
If your workplace has noise more than 80 dB, consider getting earplugs ass, it will protect your hearing from damage.

Control the volume
Tinnitus is typical at a young age are earphones and earplugs are omnipresent nowadays. But we shouldn’t listen to loud noises directly into our ears.

Don’t put anything sharp in your ear
Earwax naturally goes out of the ear with time. But still, people tend to scratch it, which sometimes can lead to serious injury. If you find something in your ear, get yourself examined by the doctor.

Get yourself tested often
make sure to timely visit doctor 2-3 times a year. It’s better to take preventive measures.

If you are concerned about sudden hearing loss now or in the future, Book an Appointment with Vr Hearing Loss Treatment Professional as soon as possible, we would be happy to go over any questions you might have.

Prevent Hearing Loss Naturally
Research shows that sounds above 70 dBA for long too long can cause permanent damage causing noise-induced hearing loss. If the sound is above 100 dBA, then damage can occur very quickly. Even at lower volumes, damage can occur over prolonged exposure.

Don’t scratch in the ear
You want to clean your ear with those cotton swab but putting foreign objects inside your ear canal can cause serious injury. The ear’s inner skin is sensitive and thin, and hence it can break easily, which can lead to infection, and by chance, if you get deeper inside your ear, chances are to rupture your eardrum.

Consult a doctor for ear infections
Ear infections are common in adults as well as kids. If you have severe pain, then do not delay as it will not go away on its own. Waiting can put you at risk or hearing loss. So for any kind of pain or problem, rush to your ENT doctor and get diagnosed.

Some medications can damage the ear too
Some medications damage the ear, causing hearing loss, ringing in the ear, or balance problems. Such medications are considered ototoxic. Doctors know that the medications may be a risk and prescribe them based on a medical condition treatment protocol.

However, hearing and balance problems get better when you stop taking the medication. But the damage doesn’t always go away and can be permanent. Your doctor will consider your hearing and balance system if you need an ototoxic medication to treat a severe illness or medical condition.

If the medications cannot be stopped or altered, the patient and the audiologist will manage the effects. During your medication treatment, get periodic hearing tests as part of the monitoring process, helping you identify any hearing changes, ringing in the ears, or balance problems.

Always wear a helmet when playing contact sports and riding a bike, and treat sinus infections before they get worse. Keep an eye on your weight, get enough sleep, and don’t smoke! Follow the common advice audiologists give to protect your everyday hearing health, and finally, take a look at the medications you are taking.

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