horizon hearing aid distribution center

It seems like you’re mentioning a few entities related to hearing aids and clinics. Here’s some information based on what you’ve provided:

Horizon Hearing Aid Distribution Center: This appears to be a distribution center specializing in hearing aid products. Distribution centers like these typically supply hearing aid devices to various clinics, hospitals, and other healthcare facilities.

VR Speech and Hearing Clinic: This seems to be a clinic specializing in speech and hearing services. Clinics like VR Speech and Hearing Clinic often offer diagnostics, consultations, and treatments related to speech and hearing impairments. They might also provide hearing aid fittings and related services.

Partner Hear.com: Hear.com is a well-known online platform that connects individuals seeking hearing aids with various providers and hearing care professionals. Partnering with Hear.com could mean that VR Speech and Hearing Clinic or Horizon Hearing Aid Distribution Center is affiliated with or listed on Hear.com as a provider of hearing aid services.

If you’re seeking assistance with hearing aids or related services, reaching out to these entities or exploring their services further could be beneficial. They might offer a range of hearing aid options, consultations, fittings, and ongoing support for individuals with hearing impairments.

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