Best Hearing aid in Aurangabad

Aurangabad offers the best hearing aids in Maharashtra at cost-effective prices. Visit our hearing aid clinic today and get solutions to your problems.

Why Choose Vr Speech And Hearing Care Clinic in Aurangabad?

Vr Speech And Hearing Care Clinics in Aurangabad was established with the best audiologist in Maharashtra with one strong motive – to ensure that the loss of hearing doesn’t cost a patient his / her connection with their family, friends, and society. Using that as our driving force, our audiologists have spent the last three decades providing hearing solutions and support to all our patients.
Over the years, we have garnered acknowledgment from our patients, their families, and the medical industry, for our work. But nothing compares to the satisfaction of knowing that we enable people to stay relevant to, and in touch with, all those they love. All thanks to our best audiologist in Aurangabad.
At Vr Speech And Hearing Care Clinic, patients and their families are encouraged to open up about their hearing issues. We understand that just as every patient’s condition is unique, so is their lifestyle. Hence, the hearing solutions offered are highly personalized to each of our patients.

Our Expertise

In our three decades since inception, we have blended traditional knowledge with modern hearing technology, to offer our patients the best of both worlds.
We house a team of veteran Hearing Care Experts and a dedicated Support Staff at service.
Our Audiologists onboard are highly skilled in assessing and programming the latest hearing instrument technology from companies worldwide. They are also trained by the best audiologist in Aurangabad.
Most importantly, we employ our collective expertise to do more than just prescribe the best hearing aid – we use it to help each patient improve their quality of life.

Hearing Solutions in Aurangabad, Maharashtra

Vr Speech And Hearing Care Clinics is one of most professionally run hearing health care solution provider in India with the goal to better hearing and communication for individuals with hearing difficulties.
Hearing Loss Clinics today has multiple hearing Clinics at various locations where hearing testing and consultation is carried out. We have an expertise to handle everything related to hearing from evaluations to hearing aid counseling, fitting and after sales support. If you have issues related to hearing outside the realm of hearing acuity, we can provide further guidance on where and whom to go to.
We also have a hearing aid repair and servicing station for the care and maintenance of hearing aids. Hearing instrument servicing is recommended once in a year for the smooth functioning of the device. We also deal with all the spare parts which include hearing aid batteries, ear-mold tubing, wax guards, receivers, cords etc.

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