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Signia Silk IX Prices in India

Experience the Silk Charge & Go 7 IX: these rechargeable, virtually invisible, CIC hearing aids embody cutting-edge technology. They excel in tracking speech from multiple speakers simultaneously, adapting even as speakers and wearers move—a feat achieved through 4D hearing and Multi-speech tracking.

Moreover, these aids possess the ability to focus on several nearby speakers, effectively reducing noise interference (Multi-speech focusing/beamforming). Convenience is key with the on-the-go, wireless charging capability of the pocket-sized charger/case, offering up to four additional charges. Each full charge provides a remarkable 24 hours of continuous usage.

Adjustments to volume and environmental settings can be effortlessly made via the mySignia app on your smartphone or with the optional miniPocket remote control (available separately). Additionally, when combined with the Silk CROS IX (sold separately), these aids cater to one-sided deafness or hearing loss (CROS/BiCROS capable).

The Signia Silk Charge & Go 7 IX doesn’t just focus on enhanced hearing—it also incorporates a variety of tinnitus therapy options.

With your purchase, you’ll receive:

  • 2 Signia Silk Charge & Go 7 IX (CIC) Hearing Aids
  • A 60-Day 100% Money Back Guarantee
  • 3-Year Manufacturer’s Warranty
  • 3-Year Loss & Damage Warranty 
  • Lifetime Adjustments
  • A Lifetime Supply of Sleeves
Seamless hearing with discretion
Power to hear all day

Silk Charge&Go IX can be charged on the go with a sleek, pocket-sized case with integrated power bank that provides up to four additional charges and can be charged wirelessly (Qi) for added convenience.

Discretion with style

Available in two colors, mocha and black.

With a soft textured surface to avoid reflections for added discretion, its designed with you in mind.

The unique discreet ready-to-wear hearing aid offers:

  • Instantly fit with new ultra comfortable EarWear 3.0 or fit with custom earmold
  • Access controls with My Signia app via acoustic pairing or via miniPocket remote control
silk charge go ix color options
Why choose Silk Charge&Go IX?

Comfortable and discreet, this tiny hearing aid provides the convenience of on-the-go rechargeability. It is packed with advanced sound features to support you in any environment including its unique Binaural OneMic Directionality, which offers unmatched conversation support in noisy environments for a hearing aid of its size.

How to handle Silk Charge&Go IX hearing aids

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