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With WIDEX MAGNIFY™ BTE 312 your clients get our smallest and most discreet BTE yet, wrapped in a seamless design. It’s the perfect choice for style-conscious clients. It comes with a long battery life, and users can enjoy full hearing aid control from their smartphones using the TONELINK™ app or a DEX device. Plus, of course, they get the pure and natural Widex sound.



As a Widex dispenser you can expect hearing aids with industry-leading natural sound, a high wearer acceptance rate, easy and flexible fitting, quick and reliable service, and ongoing training from qualified audiologists and technicians.

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Widex can help you navigate through many business opportunities and determine the best methods and strategies for your practice to meet your business goals and objective.
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With over 60 years of engineering, Widex technology is the result of a relentless pursuit of perfection in providing superior sound quality. The patient-first focus of our technology ensures that all Widex hearing aids deliver both comfort and performance for your patients.
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Fitting technology
We help make the fitting process and follow-up as easy as possible through easy fitting software, remote care capabilities and innovative fitting technology.