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Vitus and Vitus+ Phonak


Vitus and Vitus+ offer a portfolio of products with affordable quality in mind. The full range of products come with a lot of the same reliable technology and capabilities that you can expect from Phonak products, but without some of the added features and upgrades. Regardless of your listenging needs, there is a model of Vitus or Vitus+ that can help improve your listening experiences.



Hardware features

Created with durable composite material, Vitus and Vitus+ hearing aids are suited for everyday listening situations. They are built to high-quality standards and can withstand rain, snow, dust, and heat while delivering exceptional sound performance. Additionally, all Vitus and Vitus+ hearing aids include a Telecoil for extra connectivity in environments that offer enabled assistive listening devices.

Affordable performance

The Vitus family of hearing aids provides high-quality audio performance but without the unnecessary features for an affordable hearing solution.

Durable design

Vitus hearing aids are made to the highest standards, with robust design that can withstand heat, dust, and rain.

Vitus and Vitus+ come in a variety of models to meet your hearing needs